RTM Advisors is a management consulting and performance improvement firm. We provide hands-on assistance to top executives to realize the changes they need to drive their business forward.

Our unique approach includes 3 consecutive interventions that provide a catered framework for positive change.
The 3 interventions are:

Assess the operational and financial situation of the existing business
Consult client with relevant best practice and tailored strategies and solutions
Implement the changes needed with a hand-over process

In the assessment phase, we undertake an in-depth diagnosis of your organization, its processes, people and technology. The reason why some consulting assignments don’t reach a transformational end is that the solutions presented are not directly relevant to the clients’ situation. Just as a correct medical diagnostic is crucial to prescribe the right treatment for a patient, an accurate assessment of the organization is a must to define an organization’s “pain” areas before starting to cater any solution.

In the consulting phase, we provide detailed advice based on the situational analysis of the organization that include business process re-engineering, an internal audit, recruitment and training support, management information systems, and advisory services to the chairman and board. We ensure you get a clear understanding of all the ways that you can improve the health of your business, including the necessary tools to do so.

We work closely with you to engineer our solutions and to ensure that they are implemented for each client’s unique environment working side-by-side with top management and staff until the desired change is brought about, and we do so with an applied knowledge transfer process to guarantee your future autonomy. Our implementation is hands-on until all goals are met.


Did you know? Successful change management initiatives are those that start with an in-depth understanding of what’s going on “in-there” within the organization, and not just a knowledge of “out there” best practices.

Did you know? Many organizations pay high-sums for great advice and consulting which never actually gets implemented into perceived results.

Did you know? Sometimes outsourced negotiation services can get you the best outcomes.
Some of our key services:
1. Operations:
We assess existing operating platforms and get key bottom-up insights from your operations and logistics network to define tactical interventions that reduce your costs and optimize performance.
2. Organization and Human capital: We work closely with you to identify organizational “weights” and inefficiencies and screen your human capital resource-pool to ensure that performance is well integrated into the business model for sustained growth. In other words, we find out what should be done for your organization to be truly high-performing with increased employee satisfaction.
3. Change Management:
Through a close advisory service we identify required change management interventions and business model assessments to ensure that the way your company’s business model framework is designed translates your personal objectives as well as your business objectives. performance.
4. Financial Advisory: We ensure that you are well informed of the actual financial status of your organization, and provide you with an assessment of your existing and potential investments.
5. Negotiation and conflict-resolution services:
We provide our negotiation and conflict resolution services to bridge differences between you and any associate, partner or stakeholder with whom you are facing miscommunication or discord. Also, our proven negotiating expertise can help you to achieve important financial deals and strategic goals.

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